In the depths of winter in Berlin I had this idea to film all of her parks.

Walking or biking in the cold on days when I had the streets to myself, the parks would keep my company.

Even without the green of summer, I found they put a smile on my face. Empty public spaces, waiting for a sunny day when people will come explore, sit and read, make out, play with their kids. On cold cloudy days, the parks provide space for what little sunlight filters down to reach the sidewalk, rather than get caught on a roof high above.

I love all the parks, each with its own personality, with its own unique statue or play apparatus. Each with a different layout, with pockets for table tennis and sand castles, for picnics and people watching.

When I finally got serious about this project I decided to do the research. And I found out there are over 2,500 parks in greater Berlin. 2,500!?

So, here is my current plan. Starting in September 2017, I plan to spend 4-8 hours a week, getting to (by bike, walking or public transport) and filming in as many parks as possible.

I hope these videos help you to see and discover the parks that I fell in love with spending a year in Berlin.

Whenever possible, on each park outing I’ll meet up with interesting people have have conversations about Berlin, art, parks and the state of the world. I’ll speak with friends and artists, philosophers, politicians and public servants.