Filmed: July 8, 2018
Location: Volkspark Friedrichshain



Volkspark Friedrichshain was the first “People’s Park” in Berlin. It was completed in 1848 as a park, as opposed to a garden, made as a place for exercise and recreation.

In 2018 it recreators, although the scope has grown to include beach volleyball, rock climbing, roller blading, jogging, hill climbing (thanks to the trummerberg – or rubble “mountain” – created from the remains of buildings bombed in the Second world War) and barbecuing.

I read the the number of BBQ sites has been shrinking across Berlin and today’s visit showed me a possible reason why.

I was there for a clean up with the dozens of enthusiastic volunteers who came out to pick up after the BBQers – collecting an assortment of cigarette butts and bottle caps. These are items that you don’t notice when looking across the field but look down and you see evidence of gatherings large and small at your feet. Three hours wasn’t enough time to completely clean this small corner of the park, but we made a big dent.

The event was organized by Plan A with help from the Surfrider Association Germany and equipment provided by the BSR Community Program.

Volkspark Friedrichshain