TIERGARTEN | spring blossoms

Filmed: April, 2018
Location: TIergarten, Mitte
Conversation: Tobias Graf, recorded in Victoria Park, in September 2017



In April 2018 I set out to Tiergarten to film statues for a project PUBLIC FIGURES which I created for Gallery Weekend here in Berlin. Tiergarten was a park I often passed through or by, but never spent much time in.

As I explored the nooks and crannies of the park in search of statues I had a growing appreciation for the layout and design of the area which was full of quiet places for reflection, large expanses great for laying down and spending time with friends, and pathways meant for wandering and great for contemplation.

Then spring happened and it was magnificent. Over three days I went out and filmed. I was torn between picking my camera to film and share the experience and really just sitting down and being there, something I rarely have done while doing this project, ironically. Mostly I’ve been biking to a park, filming and leaving.

This spring I myself started to slow down and enjoy where I am in the moment, not just to film.

If you’ve run across this video, I hope you can enjoy the moments and the conversation I shared with my friend Tobi back in September of 2017. We talked about spring and Berlin and transitions, things I thought were relevant to this moment.