TIERGARTEN | moving monuments

Filmed: March 2018
Location: Tiergarten



In public spaces there are pockets of space that seem stable, almost immovable. Statues in particular seem to be almost rooted in the land.

But as we’ve seen in recent history, many of our public monuments are controversial. As our understanding of history changes, so does the meaning of the people that were once placed in public to be honored and celebrated or put there to stand as an example.

In looking at the history of Tiergarten, and the fact that many leaders have moved monuments in the past, what struck me is the current need to talk about who is in public and a democratic process to make changes if changes are needed. In the past, monuments were moved by top down decision that served the leadership.

Are there ways to question who is represented in our public spaces and why?

TIERGARTEN: Moving Monuments is a timelapse of the movements of monuments in this former royal hunting ground, now Lustgarten (pleasure garden).