KRZYWY LAS | the crooked forest

Filmed: December 21, 2018
Location: Krzywy Las, Poland



In September I visited the city of Szczecin in Poland in part because I had read about the award-winning building, the Philharmonic Hall Szczecin. But also in part because of the spelling of the name.

I really enjoyed my time there and the ability to walk everywhere I wanted to visit and discover history along the way when encountering Szczecin city’s wayfinding system. So I knew I wanted to return, but then I also read about a mysterious crooked forest not too far from the city.

So although my year of filming in parks officially ended, when I returned to Szczecin in December I felt that I should check out the crooked trees while I was visiting.

They were indeed crooked. Unfortunately, many of them have already fallen, at least partially. So I’m glad I was able to visit and spend some time filming a forest bath with these uniquely crooked trees in a small plot of forest off the beaten path.