TEMPELHOF FELD | tempelhof airport

Filmed: July 15, 2018
Location: Tempelhof Feld



Part of what I enjoy about this project is getting a window into other points of view. When I visit Tempelhof Feld I see the openness and emptiness. Because I grew up in the Midwest in the US openness isn’t so special. I seek out the parks in Berlin that are labyrinthine, where you can get lost and feel nested in nature.

From Bianca’s point of view, she is amazed by this large open space full of possibility located in the middle of the city. She grew up in Paris where these types of spaces do not exist. A friend from Dehli, India expressed the same excitement about the open space of Templehof Feld.

It is also a space that is both standing still and in flux. I spent some time there collecting moments. In October, the city brought in sheep to graze and eat down the grass. I wish I had been able to capture that as well but you can just imagine the scene as you watch this video.