TEGELER FORST | listen to the trees

Filmed: August 5, 2018
Location: Tegeler Forst, Reinickendorf



The first time I explored Tegeler Forst/Tegel Forest, located north of Tegel airport, I came across a wide-open space dotted with four different benches, each with a different view.

It seemed so funny to find these benches in the middle of a forest, and like it was a perfect space for a creative project.

I met Hong Kong artist, painter and deep ecology performer Winston Lau in the summer of 2016. We spoke about longing and the creative process. Years later he was visiting one of his best friends in London and on his way back to Hong Kong he stopped by Berlin and we decided to collaborate on an episode for Park Project Berlin.

This odd  benches in the middle of the forest seemed like a perfect space for our collaboration. Together we explore our desire to connect deeply with nature and witness the respect and mystery that comes with this pursuit.

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