GRUNEWALD | spring forest bath

Filmed: June 6, 2018
Location: Grunewald / Teufelsberg



In spring I revisited Grunewald Forest to experience a second forest bath. The first one I had done back in December when the fog was covering the sky. On this spring day in early June the sun was out and filtered down through the forest now thick with leaves.

I’m happy to have caught the forest at a time when the leaves were still fresh and slightly transparent. In my forest bath I again filmed different views, each time standing and taking in the view, sounds, smells and feelings of bugs landing on my arms and legs as I stood still.

The more I do this type of filming, deep watching of nature, the more I’m gaining the benefits and starting to relax in my non-filming time. I’m curious if watching the forest can produce a similar effect.

Grunewald / Teufelsberg