SPANDAUER FORST | fall forest bath

Filmed: November 11, 2018
Location: Spandauer Forest



In November 2018 I went to Spandauer Forest on the northwestern edge of Berlin to film another forest bath. I was searching for a path that I biked on two years earlier which I wasn’t able to find.

Instead, I chanced upon a moor as I walked through the Teufelsbruch nature area. At one time there was the Teufels (Devil’s) Lake at this location but in the early 1900s it became silted up, in part due to nearby railway construction.

Today it is home for around 240 species of fungus, 550 beetles, and 150 spider species. The forest also is a protected area, preserving 13 bird species including the crane.

The forest spans 1,347 hectares or 3,328 acres, there is still so much to explore.

SPANDAUER FORST | fall forest bath