RÜGEN | between movement and stillness

Filmed: May 6, 2018
Location: Park Mönchgut: Zicker Naturschutzgebiet, Rügen



At the beginning of May I went up to the island of Rugen for the weekend to visit friends. Living in Berlin, I had heard from numerous people how wonderful the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) and Rügen in particular were. I had caught a glimpse of the island over winter but at that time didn’t have a chance to explore. So I took the opportunity to visit.

Rügen: Between Movement and Stillness is what came out of a day hike we took on a peninsula at the southeastern end of the island overlooking Greifswalder Bodden (an inland sea). I filmed this walk like a Japanese forest bath, where at each point I stopped to just take in the view and experience the details of nature like the breeze, small bugs, and random sounds. And yes, nature in Rügen includes other humans who are out enjoying their day.

Gross Zicker