EVERGLADES | man and nature

Filmed: February 2019
Location: Everglades, Florida



In February of 2019 when visiting my father in Florida we took a trip to the Florida Everglades. I wasn’t sure what to expect but thought it would be dark and swampy, kind of like an Indiana Jones movie.

This is a car version of the Everglades. We drove through the park, took a swamp boat tour and then found a short path to walk. We did have some fear of finding alligators on our path or a python, but all was well.

To get a more up close and personal view of the Everglades, it might have been nice to rent a kayak or canoe.

The Everglades ecosystem is currently under threat from the python, which is a nonnative species, most likely arriving in the Everglades from former pet owners. There are now professional python bounty hunters working on the problem.