ALEXANDER PLATZ | taking a line for a walk

Filmed: June 6, 2018
Location: Alexander Platz, Lust Garden, COOP Anti-War Café, Mitte



On a sunny day in June, I headed out with artist Amy J. Klement as she collected snippets of conversation.

Dressed in her signature green, and writing with a green marker, she made her way from the tourist center of Alexander Platz, skirting around the train station, heading behind the TV tower passing kids jumping on mini trampolines, to the Neptune fountain, then across Karl-Liebknecht Strasse across the bridge and then into the Lust Garten then walking out of the crowd as she turned towards the Spree and walked over the bridge away from Museum Island and into the city.

Along the way, she listened to stray bits of conversation that wafted through the air. Some kind. Some accusatory. Some observational. Many quite personal.

She captured these phrases, in both English and German, on her roll of paper that grows behind her the further she walks and more dialog she collects. Until at one point the paper breaks and a group of young men come to the rescue.

Amy created this walk as part of her participation in Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018 held at Coop Anit-War Café, Mitte, Berlin. June 6-9, 2018.

Artist website: Amy J. Klement