if mushrooms could talk and trees could hug


July 2021

HOW DO WE LOVE THIS WORLD | if mushrooms could talk and trees could hug

an audio/video/nature-based immersive experience

Voices of:

Ula Löw
Angelo Paulo Noviello


KuBa: kulturbahnhof
Klein Warnow
July 28, 2021


Special thank you to KuBa Residency for providing space to make the installation creation of this project possible:

Sharon Horodi
Mika Kammarar


How Do We Love This World,
if mushrooms could talk
and trees could hug

Interview with:

Angelo Paulo Novelo, Italian world traveler and yoga instructor. Speaking about the rainforest in Borneo, the third largest rainforest in the world.

Ula Löw, German rewilder currently living in Cologne and Mönchengladbach. Reflecting on the loss of insects and how can bring them back.

In Park Project Berlin I looked for ways to see nature differently. Filming became an act of breathing in a scene. My editing was similar. When sitting with the material I stitched together images using the rhythm of breath.

What drew me to interview Angelo and Ula was their sense of respect and wonder for nature. Their stories share a sense of interconnectedness, love and respect. They see both sides of our human inter-relationship with the natural world, the magic and the injury.

Our interconnectedness is complex. We can’t untangle ourselves from the harm or the good. We are all part of the same web. Similar to mushrooms and trees, we breath the same air and drink from the same earth.

This project bears witness to our collective love, longing and loss.