| bodies and heroes


January 6, 2018

KÖRPER UND HELDEN | bodies and heroes
video installation, Laura J. Lukitsch
photo montage, Laura J. Lukitsch
performance video projection
dancers: Anaïs Poulet, Christian Lehr
musicians: Leander Reininghaus, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Andreas von Garnier

Over the course of my year filming in parks, I was struck by the images we see in public on a daily basis.

  • The sheer number of male versus female figures.
  • The bodies we view as heroic and those we see as weak.
  • The messages conveyed by these bodies.

Before radio and television, statues were a way of advertising ideas, from religious morals to national identity.

Many unspoken messages exist in statues erected generations ago. Visions of colonialism, mythological moral tales, memories of struggle and loss.

In Körper und Heldern | bodies and heroes I highlight some of the hidden statues that dot the parks