Winston Lau
Performing Artist

A freelance artist who loves to explore the possibility of art and enjoy its chemistry with life. Knowing that some feelings and thoughts cannot be thoroughly communicated through words, Winston uses his art as an expression of his heart and state of mind. His interdisciplinary work overlaps medium from painting, installation to performance. Participated in numerous art exhibitions, he is recently investigating the conscious and subconscious connection among life, art & self.

Born in Hong Kong, Winston graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in 2003. Found W Studio at Jockey Club Creative Art Centre in Hong Kong with two partners in 2008, he went on an artistic expedition in Europe from 2011-12 and continue the creative journey in Taiwan since 2014.

He likes to laugh at himself & lip sing as he travels in the city.

Performing artist Winston Lau, Winston Lau