DIE LUST AM FLIEGEN | the desire to fly

Filmed: July 2018
Location: Lilienthal Park & Steglitz Park



About the video

This summer we biked to the southern edge of Berlin, Gundula with her medium format analog camera and me with my shotgun microphone, sound recorder and camera, and a set of questions.

We set up our equipment and gathered our courage to ask passers-by about their hopes and dreams.

This project was inspired by Otto Lilienthal, the inventor of the glider, and the father of human flight. He jumped from the hill he created in Steglitz, called the fliegeberg, or fly mountain. His efforts eventually resulted both in the world’s first glider, something that inspired the Wright Brothers in the US, but also his untimely death.

We asked people what they would do if they knew they couldn’t fail and gave people space to dream.

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