Filmed: August, 2017
Location: Playground Hufelandstraße / Hans-Otto-Straße



The trampolines of Berlin are quite hidden. Not only are they hidden because they are part of the sidewalk, the space below the mesh is often dug into the ground itself, but many trampolines are found in small park spaces that exist between buildings or on the corners of building complexes. Some of these spaces were built into the complex as part of Berlin’s laws to assure for adequate sunlight for all apartment dwellers. Other spaces were the result of the bombings during the Second World War and lack of money for reconstruction.

One of the things that first inspired me to visit parks across Berlin was the search for trampolines. That was the spark of curiosity that led me on a yearlong journey. Of course, I have discovered so much more but like the trampolines, each bit of history and discovery about nature took time to find. It was fun looking. Sometimes the answers were obvious and posted on signs or websites and other times the discoveries took more time and a longer journey. I often got lost along the way.

My plan to discover all the trampolines of Berlin was put in the background as my curiosity expanded.

In the fall, I hope to collect a few more trampoline spots. Stay tuned. And if you have a spot to share, send me a message! I look forward to adding to the Berlin Trampoline Database!

Annemirl Bauer Platz

Der Volkspark am Weinberg



Pekinger Platz

Gleisedreieck Park

Alexander Platz

Spielplatz Hufeland Str/ Hans-Otto-Str

Park am Nordbahnhof

Park next to Flutgraben south of Gorlitzer Park


Ekundsunder Platz